All you need to know!

This site is under construction. Hopefully forever

Veeseear is a connection venture curated by myself, Phillip. This endeavor is an attempt to move forward into an audience within my vision. I, along with many friends create content. Although due to life schedules are everywhere, there are so many of us, and so many ideas. It is always a good idea to watch.

Cut and dry, with more money to create, the more consistent we can be with ever evolving content. This is why this is here.

Here is an updated link list that provides a place you can find a bunch of free content that in some way or another you can buy into at some point. Thank you for your time! With no further ado, The List:

Beat Around The Bush (Youtube Page)


Veeseear (Youtube Page)


Veeseear (Twitch)


Beat Around The Bush (Soundcloud)


Phillip The Human (Soundcloud)

That’s all for now. A different post to come with all of my friends.