We have to start somewhere

When getting on wordpress, I had to think about what my first post was going to be. I could string the first post on my blog to the first good deed directed towards a new way of thought and a new loving world… But that is not enough. That really should only be one sentence. Yes, you must do good things to call your place good. We all want to live in a good place, but what are we going to do to make it good? We can start right here. We have to start somewhere. WordPress has given us the opportunity to share with each other. To me, that is an amazing thing. If you are reading this right now, that means that what i am saying is reaching you. I cannot be more ecstatic. I am trying to breathe in and out in a way that does not exacerbate my thought process. Communication is the key to this thing guys. The greatest Philosophers of all time were the greatest because they communicated. We all have quotable thoughts. We all have relate-able information, I want to know yours. Give it to me. Change my life because I am going to let you. Change my way of thought and my habits. I will let you. Give me a new lifestyle, I will indulge if it accords to my own reasoning and my own common sense. So this is my official Hello, My name is Veeseear. My name is Phillip Matthew Easter-Fleming. I am developing myself as a person, so help me develop our space in time.

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